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by Dave Gradijan

Microsoft Security Chief to Step Down

Mar 27, 20062 mins
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After four years at the helm of Microsoft’s security group, Mike Nash is taking a break. This June he will go on sabbatical after handing over responsibilities to his replacement, Ben Fathi.

Nash led Microsoft’s Security Technology Unit during a period in which the security of Microsoft’s products was increasingly scrutinized following a number of worldwide worm attacks, including Slammer and MyDoom.

The 15-year Microsoft veteran was responsible for directing Microsoft’s response to these threats as well as for setting its overall security strategy as the software vendor struggled against a public perception that its products were insecure.

Nash’s departure was announced Thursday as part of a sweeping reorganization of the company’s Platforms & Services Division.

Fathi comes from Microsoft’s storage division, where he managed the company’s Windows file server, NAS (network-attached storage) and branch office businesses. As Nash’s replacement, he will report to Brian Valentine, head of Microsoft’s Core Operating System Division.

A Microsoft employee since 1991, Nash was the first product manager for Windows NT, and at one time he oversaw the website. He is expected to return to a new position at Microsoft sometime later this year, a spokeswoman said.

-Robert McMillan, IDG News Service

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