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by Dave Gradijan

Second Rampage at Calif. Denny’s in Three Days Kills One, Wounds Another

Mar 17, 20061 min
CSO and CISOData and Information Security

A fight that broke out inside a Denny’s restaurant on Friday in Anaheim, Calif., resulted in the shooting death of one man, and another was seriously wounded, the Associated Press reports via

Law enforcement sources told the AP the gunman opened fire outside the restaurant, and one victim staggered back inside before he died.

On Wednesday, a homeless man entered a Denny’s in Pismo Beach, Calif., shot and killed two people and wounded two others, before taking his own life. For more, read Homeless Man Kills 2, Self in Calif. Restaurant Shooting.

Another man was fatally shot outside a Denny’s in Ontario on Monday, according to the AP.

A firearm was located near the scene of Friday’s shooting, but police have not yet determined if it was the weapon used in the shooting, the AP reports.

The shooter is still on the run from police, according to the AP.

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