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sarah d_scalet
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Mar 01, 20061 min
CSO and CISOIT StrategyROI and Metrics

What's infosec like in the mid-market? Anil Miglani, senior VP at Access Markets International Partners, a consultancy that specializes in small and midsize businesses, provides a snapshot.

  1. Total employees: 100 to 999
  2. Average annual IT budget: approaching $667,000, with significant variations based on size and industry.
  3. Percentage of IT budget spent on security: 3%, with more security-conscious businesses spending two to three times as much as others.
  4. Security leadership: CISOs are generally present only at the larger end of the spectrum or in regulated industries such as finance and insurance. The CIO may also function as CISO.
  5. Major challenges: Limited staff; products designed for larger enterprises may be difficult to scale down; business may lack adequate backup systems.
  6. Tactics: Trend toward outsourcing security, storage and disaster recovery, and using integrated products that provide more functionality.