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by Joseph Nguyen

Dubai Deal OK’d by British Appeals Court

Mar 06, 20062 mins
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An objection to the controversial deal that would shift the port operations of the U.K.’s Peninsular and Oriental Steam and Navigation Co. (P&O) to United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based Dubai Ports World has been dismissed by Britain’s Court of Appeals, the Associated Press reports via

The dismissal paves the way for the $6.8 billion deal to move forward into the final regulatory stages.

The appeal was filed by Eller & Co., which has a venture agreement with a P&O subsidiary. Eller took its case to London’s High Court last week, saying the deal would violate that agreement and negatively affect its business. However, Justice Nicolas Warren ruled against the company but allowed for an appeal. Eller filed that appeal to block the deal and the Court of Appeals today refused to hear it, the AP reports.

Eller expressed some disappointment with the outcome but said it would not appeal the judgment, according to the AP. Eller will continue to pursue legal action in Florida courts, the AP reports.

“We are not alone in opposing this deal—many elected politicians in the U.S. and indeed the American public, share many of our concerns about the takeover,” Eller said in a statement.  “We will continue to fight to protect our business and the livelihood of thousands of our staff and subcontractors.”

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