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by Paul Kerstein

Expert Wants to Reroute Dangerous Cargos

Jun 28, 20051 min
CSO and CISOData and Information Security

A safety expert warned Chicago officials that hazardous materialcargo should be rerouted around the city to prevent danger to tens of thousandsof residents. Due to the vulnerability of rail systems and ease of access fortrucks around the city, they would make an ideal target for terrorists. TheChicago Sun-Times reports that Health Committee chairman Ed Smith wants tofollow Washington’slead to create a “municipal exclusion zone” within parts of the city where thefour most dangerous haz-mat shipments are delivered. Similar ordinances arepending in Baltimore, Bostonand Cleveland,however, rail and chemical industry officials counter that a ban on shipmentswould make transport even more dangerous by extending the traveled distanceover unsupervised routes.  Read more.