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by Paul Kerstein

Report: Babies for Sale On eBay Site In China

Oct 20, 20052 mins
CSO and CISOData and Information Security

Authorities in Shanghai are investigating the attempted sale of babieson eBay Inc.’s auction site in China, the official China Dailynewspaper reported Thursday.

A seller using the name “Chuangxinzhe Yongyuan” claimed the babies werebeing offered to help infertile couples and would come from China’sHenan province, the China Daily report said. Baby boys were priced at28,000 renminbi (US$3,454) while baby girls were offered for 13,000renminbi, the newspaper reported, citing an eBay executive.

In China, where most families are restricted to having just one childbecause of a long-standing policy aimed at reducing the country’spopulation, boys are often preferred over girls. One reason for this isthat sons are traditionally expected to care for their parents whiledaughters that are married off are expected to help care for theirparents-in-law.

The advertisement for the babies was posted on Oct. 16 and was browsedby 50 people, including one visitor who left a note requesting moreinformation from seller, the China Daily reported. No sale was madebefore eBay executives removed the posting and alerted the police, itreported.

EBay executives in China could not be reached for comment.

If the advertisement proves to be genuine and the person responsible iscaught, the penalties are severe. Abducting a baby can carry a prisonsentence of five years while abduction with the intention of sellingthe baby can carry the death penalty in some cases, the China Dailysaid.

By Sumner Lemon – IDG News Service (Taipei Bureau)