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by Paul Kerstein

Workplace Violence Is Getting Costly

Sep 01, 20051 min
CSO and CISOData and Information Security

A recent report by Risk Control Strategies, a consulting firmspecializing in work-related violence, states that disgruntledemployees are hurting their bosses where it counts. The wallet. The Boston Heraldreports that the survey found 80 percent of managers in security andhuman resources said workplace violence is a bigger problem today thanit was two years ago. Angry workers, upset by layoffs, pay cuts, oroutsourcing, are using computer viruses or sabotaging company productsto bring down the bottom line. The same person who would murder someoneat work fits the profile of today’s saboteur, said Paul Viollis,president of Risk Control Strategies. “What better way to get eventhen to cripple your company?’ Read more.