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by Paul Kerstein

Vermont AG Sues Firm in Alleged Telemarketing Fraud

Sep 28, 20051 min
CSO and CISOData and Information Security

Attorney General William Sorrell said Monday that his office had fileda lawsuit alleging consumer fraud by two Canadian telemarketing firmsand a Williamstown company that processed checks for them. An Associated Press article on Boston.comreports that the suit filed in Washington Superior Court targetsA&S Collection Associates Inc. of Williamstown, as well as CallcomFinancial and CAS Professionals, both based in Canada. AssistantAttorney General Elliot Burg said the complaint alleged that the twoCanadian firms obtained checking account numbers for thousands ofconsumers around the United States and got A&S to issue “demanddrafts” — effectively checks that debit accounts without consumershaving signed them. Read more.