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by Paul Kerstein

Toxic Floodwater Causes Concerns

Sep 08, 20051 min
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Concerns are growing about the risks of toxic floodwaters in NewOrleans as officials brace for what could be a staggering death toll.An Associated Press article on Boston.comreports that rescue efforts have been ramped up to completely evacuatethe city because floodwaters are thick with sewage-related bacteriathat are at least 10 times higher than acceptable safety limits. Themuck contains E. coli, certain viruses and a type of cholera-likebacteria. The danger of infection wasn’t limited to the New Orleansarea. The bacteria is feared to have migrated to crowded sheltersoutside the state, where many evacuees are staying. Four deaths – onein Texas, three in Mississippi – have been attributed to woundinfections, said Tom Skinner, spokesman for the CDC. Read more.