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More Fun Than a Rock Concert

Sep 01, 20054 mins
CSO and CISOData and Information Security

Mixwell: Crotch it. Works every time unless there are metal detectors.

number4one: taking cameras into prohibited areas is against the law, and i am a law abiding citizen.

dmbfan524: my ex girlfriend put it down her bra.

Themabrklyn: I just put it in my jacket pocket. They didn’t search me at all.

Rob: Crotching it never fails.

number4one: honestly i usually just throw my camera in my purse and throw some tampons on top, get in a line that has a guy checking people&he will see them and get all shy and motion you along your merry way

Acmorgan: i always wonder how people get video cameras in, i’m not talkin the little 3 x 5 inch digis, but just normal ones that aren’t big, but aren’t small enough to crotch

Boredtotears: in Atlanta all they did when someone had a camera was to take the battery out. So all you would have to do is hide another battery somewhere, like in your shoe or something.

holbiedmb94: well my cousin crotched a video camera&and in about 5 minutes i’ll put up one of the many screenshots 🙂

Davestheman: Crotch it man& crotch it

Marsuffi: I am a female. They were ready for the tampon trick at Blue Cross [Arena]. I had some in my purse where I was originally going to put the camera. She searched with her flashlight for a good 10-15 seconds&She really wanted to find something.

sabres8182: I placed my digital camera in my glove. I had that glove in my one hand, and as i was about to get up to security, i let them see me take off my other glove, which was on top of the glove with the camera inside it, and they don’t think a thing&. works every time

SeekUpTooMuch: crotching it always works&unless you decide to crotch too many things at once&I had my digital camera and my bud and my bowl all down in my area and while I was walking through the line to get patted down, something shifted and my camera fell down my leg. I had to walk with a stiff leg all the way into the arena&

Dirwin: At Blue Cross we took our Minolta Dimage xt in. It’s ridiculously small, so my sister just threw it in the bottom of her purse&and they let her in. After that we got cocky. The two of us went to Allstate [Arena] two nights later and&she took a much larger purse and built a false bottom into it. We put the small Minolta xt, my Minolta s414 (a much larger digital photo camera), and a small RCA Mini-DV camera in. The woman that checked her purse felt down to the false bottom and didn’t even flinch&just let her right in. I put batteries and CF card inside my sock against my achilles, and that wasn’t an issue at all. We ended up with a fair amount of video and maybe 30 decent pics&All in all, a really good time, and we definitely had fun beating security.

Jamo52: i just showed the guy i had a camera with me and he just asked if it was a disposable and we said yeah, so he was like “it’s cool, have fun” and let us through

mxz440fan: My friend got searched and they didn’t even check what it was in his pocket. most places the people don’t care, especially new people, because they don’t like confrontation or to make a scene

rawlogicdrumz: they just checked my side pockets and looked through my girlfriend’s bag, we didn’t have anything with us but we could have.