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Smart Surveillance Field Guide

Sep 01, 20051 min
Physical Security

CSOs can monitor basically anything at any time. Here's how to do it wisely.

Video cameras are smaller, cheaper and better; network monitoring tools can pluck packets out of the stream with great precision. Basically CSOs can watch anybody—or anything—any time. Those who do smart surveillance reap great benefits; those who duff it lose money, time and employee goodwill. Heres your guide to being smart.

Watch What You’re Doing

Survey says: Too many CSOs still rely on outdated video surveillance practices.

ROI Inside

Intel’s five-year ROI study on video cameras suggests a useful model for deciding when, and how much, to invest.

The Hidden Camera&

…and other surveillance missteps can sour employees, threaten success or get you sued. Six dos and don’ts will keep you in focus.

Keystroke Cops

Monitoring network users can stop your company’s crown jewels from walking out the door.

The Secaucus Model

New Jersey Transit gets a lot more than security out of its surveillance.