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by Paul Kerstein

Author Feels Corporate Culture Causes Workplace Rage

Nov 17, 20051 min
CSO and CISOData and Information Security

Mark Ames’ recent book “Going Postal” argues that a rise in school andworkplace massacres is taking place because employees are rebellingagainst what he said is a corporate life that is objectivelyintolerable. In an interview with the Hartford Advocate,Ames told the paper that one of the really unique things about thesecrimes is that to date, not even the FBI is able to profile the peoplewho end up committing these murders. Ames also makes an analogy tocorporate employees depressingly accepting their lot in life as didmany slaves before the American Civil War, and explains that humanconditioning, to be happy under these conditions, is somewhatzoological. Read more.

By Paul L. Kerstein