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by Jon Surmacz

New Terrorism Response Plan Angers Fire Dept.

Apr 22, 20051 min
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Biochemical Attacks at Issue… The New York City Fire Dept. has raised concerns over the city’s new emergency response plan, which puts the Police Dept. in charge during biological or chemical attacks, according to The New York Times. In a 21-page memo to the city’s Office of Emergency Management, signed by the Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta, said the plan “jeopardizes public safety.” Chief of Department Peter Hayden, the highest-ranking uniformed officer in the Fire Department, told the Times, “If the question was posed today – would the response at a terrorist incident be different than it was on 9/11? – the answer would have to be no. Now if that isn’t a recipe for disaster, I don’t know what is.”

Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed the protocol on April 11, saying that the police were highly qualified to handle such incidents. City Council hearings on the plan are set for May 2.