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sarah d_scalet
Senior Editor

CSOs and CPOs, Stuck with Each Other

Feb 01, 20051 min
ComplianceCSO and CISOPrivacy

1. CPOs and CSOs share a primary goal of protecting information.

2. The success of both executives lies in their ability to make a business case for protecting information. Neither wants to be seen as putting the brakes on business.

3. Going forward, privacy and security could both end up in a risk management department.

4. Both sets of executives have roots in the information technology department, because of their involvement with how information moves throughout the company, but are trying to broaden their scope.

5. Sometimes the same person is in charge of both security and privacy.

6. CSOs rely on CPOs to help justify the need for information security to protect customer and employee information.

7. CPOs rely on CSOs to prevent accidental or malicious disclosure of private information.