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by Paul Kerstein

Logan Airport Walls Itself In

Aug 25, 20051 min
CSO and CISOData and Information Security

Citing a constant threat of terrorism, Logan International Airport inBoston, Mass. will erect a 10-foot concrete wall around its perimeterand use GPS technology to monitor shell fishermen on Boston Harbor. TheBoston Heraldreports that Massport security chief Dennis Treece is overseeing thesecurity upgrades and is devoting attention to making sure theairport’s perimeter is secure. Massport will install 1.6 miles ofconcrete topped with razor wire to replace the decrepit chain linkfence that guards most of the airport’s sensitive areas. According tothe Herald, The security upgrades, which will cost about $14.5 million,come after years of engineering studies to determine how best toreinforce the airport’s perimeter against attackers. Read more.