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by Paul Kerstein

LAPD Observes London Bombings Firsthand

Aug 01, 20051 min
CSO and CISOData and Information Security

The Los Angeles Police sent representatives to London immediately afterthe bombings on July 7 to learn ways of preventing and responding toterrorist attacks. They got an unexpected firsthand lesson when asecond wave of attempted bombings hit as they were touring a secretScotland Yard bomb analysis center. An Associated Press article in The Boston Globereports that Deputy Chief Michael Berkow, leader of the four memberdelegation, was present when phones started ringing and peopleimmediately left for the scenes of the attempted bombings. His chiefnoted that response times would have been longer had the intelligencebeen fed through federal channels. Many local departments are nowquestioning whether they should be relying on the federal government astheir main source of information on terrorist attacks as they searchfor a quicker “parallel” network to share data on terrorism. Read more.