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by Paul Kerstein

Convenience Over Security for Banks

Aug 03, 20051 min
CSO and CISOData and Information Security

It seems that many U.S. banks are prioritizing online bankingconvenience over security issues making it easy for online phishers tocreate counterfeit bank cards. Networkworldreports that a report by Gartner shows that phishers account for agrowing portion of the $2.75 billion in annual losses that bank cardabuse is costing banks. While banks are aware of this problem, theirunderstanding of the links is not always understood, according to theauthor of the report. These scams can be a nightmare for consumers.They are not guaranteed to get their money back because banks willoften use the excuse that they have no proof that a criminal hasscammed the customer. The report also states that security could bebolstered if banks reinstated the use of a PIN offset, a number foundon the magnetic strip of an ATM or debit card and is used as anadditional identifier to an account number and the PIN number. Read more.