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by Paul Kerstein

MI5 Teaches Firms Terror Measures

Jul 27, 20051 min
CSO and CISOData and Information Security

MI5, Britain’s Security Service, is teaching over 300 British companies how to improve their physical security. The BBC reports that MI5 is advising on counter-terrorism measures, contingency plans, and has posted a basic security checklist on its websiteto improve nationwide security after the London bombings. The articlealso states that over 50 percent of British businesses do not have abasic contingency plan in place. National and local business groups arealso encouraging companies to take steps to protect themselves, such aslocking offices, adequately lighting public areas and even relocatingmail rooms from the company’s main premises. Rachel Goodison, LondonFirst’s director of security, believes that security issues woulddiffer from business to business, although many are common sense. Shealso stated that the size and type of a company would dictate itsvulnerabilities, and that major employers are encouraged to shareinformation with others. Read more.