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by Art Jahnke

Eyewitness Accounts of London Bombings

Jul 07, 20051 min
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Neil McIntosh of the Guardian Unlimitedhas asked readers to submit eyewitness accounts of terrorist bombingsof the London transit system. Here, reader Michael Kelly tells us whathe saw:

“I was heading toward Euston I heard a bang behind me, turning roundI saw a huge cloud of smoke and what looked like a flat bedded truckthat was mangled and twisted somehow. I knew straight away that it wasa bomb. Everyone started running and screaming. I did the same and justtried to get away. Everyone was coming out of their offices to find outwhat was going on. just kept going, I went up to some builders who werecoming out of their site and told them what was going on and theystarted running and then heard them talk about how they were gettingout of here.”Read more.