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by Paul Kerstein

EU Ministers Promise Data Retention Agreement

Jul 14, 20051 min
CSO and CISOData and Information Security

At an emergency meeting in response to the London bombings, EuropeanUnion home affairs ministers promised that in October, they will agreeon a set of Europe-wide rules that requires companies to store phoneand e-mail data. Under discussion since April of last year, the dataregulations are controversial as they may infringe on data privacy lawsand impose excessive industry costs. According to an IDG news servicearticle on Techworld,the rules on data are part of a wide-ranging package to fight terrorismthroughout Europe. If accepted, fixed and mobile phone operators, ISPand SMS providers will be required to keep data for a year, possibly upto three. Traffic data, such as time, duration and destination of callswould be kept. Law enforcement agencies could then consult the recordsduring investigations. Read more.