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by Paul Kerstein

DHS Reorganization Boosts Cybersecurity Priority

Jul 14, 20051 min
CSO and CISOData and Information Security

As part of a wholesale reorganization at theDepartment of Homeland Security, David Chertoff has created a positionof assistant secretary for cyber and telecommunications security. TheDHS did not release information on when the position would be filled.An IDG news service article on Networkworldreports that the position “will have the authority to set policy andpull private industry into collaborations with government.” IT groupsare also hoping that a higher-level position with more authority willlead to fewer turnovers among cybersecurity chiefs. IT security expertslike Jack Danahy, CEO of Ounce Labs, are relieved that there will beone voice telling private industry what the government wants to do,however others feel that without a voice in higher levels of the Bushadministration, it won’t do much good. Read more.