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by Paul Kerstein

U.S. Missile Defense Being Expanded

Jul 22, 20051 min
CSO and CISOData and Information Security

In order to address potential threats from the Middle East, China andship-borne missiles off the coast, the U.S. is expanding itspreliminary missile defense system. The Washington Postreports that the Pentagon is upgrading radars in Britain and surveyingfour European countries for a new site to base interceptor missiles.The military is also cooperating with Japan and other Asian nations toaddress what the Pentagon feels is a growing threat from China’sshort-range ballistic missiles and counter an attack from long-rangemissiles. Part of the “Star Wars” missile defense concept, the defensesystem is also undergoing tests to deal with attacks from a “roguestate” such as North Korea or missile-capable terrorist groups. Read more.