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Complete list of rail security bills and sponsors.

Aug 01, 20052 mins
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Rail Transit Security and Safety Act of 2005, HR 1109, introduced in March. Sponsor: Lynch. Among its provisions: DHS rail vulnerability assessment, establishes eight regional federal rail security mangers, includes money for Amtrak security improvements and tunnel improvements in the Northeast, whistleblower protections for rail employees who report security violations.

Rail and Public Transportation Security Act of 2005, HR 153, introduced in January. Sponsor: Rep. Robert Menendez, D-N.J. Provisions: DHS vulnerability assessment, money for tunnel improvements, rail security R&D grants, grants to freight railroads for security upgrades, requires Amtrak plan for assisting victims of rail accidents.

Transportation Security Improvement Act of 2005. S 1052, introduced in May. Sponsor: Stevens. Provisions: Comprehensive transportation security bill that incorporates Menendez bill provisions. [what else is in here or is it simply the Senate version of Menendezs bill?]

Rail Security Act of 2005. HR 2351, introduced in May. Sponsor: Oberstar. Provisions: DHS security assessment, grants for rail security upgrades, money for rail security R&D program, requires federal plan for baggage screening, money for emergency responder training.

Targeting Terrorists More Effectively Act of 2005. S 12, introduced in January. Sponsor: Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del. Provisions: Large antiterrorism bill that includes a DHS rail vulnerability assessment, including cargo screening recommendations, money for Northeast tunnel improvements, a rail security R&D program, and money for Amtrak security upgrades.

The Extremely Hazardous Material Rail Transport Safety Act of 2005, S 773, introduced in April. Sponsor: Sen. Jon Corzine, D-N.J. Provisions: whistleblower protection for rail workers, training for emergency responders, new regulations for pressurized rail cars crated by DHS.