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Great Wall of China

May 01, 20052 mins
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According to various online sources, estimated length in miles of the Great Wall of China: Anywhere from1,500 to 4,500

According to archaeologists, actual length in miles of the system of walls that make up the Great Wall of China: Unknown

Number of years the Great Wall was under construction: More than 2,000

Other components of the Great Wall: Walled villages, gates, crenellated towers

Most recent year in which a previously unknown part of the Great Wall was found: 2003

Miles of wall discovered in 2001 and 2002, combined: 360

Adjective used in National Geographic to describe the Great Wall’s effectiveness as a defensive barrier: Spotty

Hadrian’s Wall

Length in miles of Hadrian’s Wall, in modern-day Northern England: 73

For every three miles of Hadrian’s Wall built of stone, approximate number of miles built of turf: 2

Number of years it took Rome to construct Hadrian’s Wall: 6

Number of forts built on or near Hadrian’s Wall: 16

Other components of Hadrian’s Wall: Ditches, turrets, mile castles (gateways)

According to scholars, chances Hadrian’s Wall could have withstood a concentrated attack from “barbarians” to the north: Minimal

Berlin Wall

Approximate length in miles of the Berlin Wall: 96

Approximate number of watchtowers: 302

Number of times the Berlin Wall was rebuilt: 3

Other components of the Berlin Wall: Barbed wire, trenches, fences, bunkers

Fatality rate on the Berlin Wall during its 28-year operation: One person killed every 54 days

According to a 2004 poll, percentage of West Germans who said they wished East Germans were “cut off again by the Berlin Wall”: 24

Percentage of East Germans who said they wanted “out of a united Germany”: 12

The West Bank & Kashmir

Approximate length planned for the wall in the West Bank and the wall in Kashmir, respectively: 217 miles, 500 miles

Approximate cost, respectively, of those walls: $200 million, $300 million

Components of the new walls: Ditches, barbed wire, video surveillance, motion detection

Term used by officials who built both barriers to describe the walls: Fence

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According to a Robert Frost poem, what good fences make: Good neighbors

Phrase used to describe barriers separating Catholic and Protestant neighborhoods in Belfast, Northern Ireland: Peace Walls