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by Art Jahnke

Two Variants of Sober Worm Infect PCs Worldwide

May 04, 20051 min
CSO and CISOData and Information Security

Incidents Tapering Off …Two new strains of the W32/Soberworm spread across the Internet on Mondayafternoon and appeared to peak early Tuesday,according to a Computerworld report. Severalvirus vendors issued alerts and warned users not toclick on an attachment received through e-mail thattriggers the worm. Once activated the worm searches auser’s computer for all of its e-mail addressesand begins sending copies of itself to each address,according to the report. “It’s pretty normal interms of what worms do,” said Richard Wang,manager of SophosPLC. “What’s unusual about it is the sheervolume it has at the moment.” SymantecCorp. said that the worm began to taper off as ofTuesday. MessageLabs, Inc. said it stopped 1.1 million e-mailscarrying the virus.