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by Jon Surmacz

Two Dollars and No Sense

May 05, 20052 mins
CSO and CISOData and Information Security

Kick Me Out of the Ballllgame… In Los Angeles, the difference between an enjoyable night at venerable Dodger Stadium and an unpleasant one is $4. The popular “$2 Tuesdays” promotion where the cheapest seats in the house (those in the outfield pavilions and outer portions of the top deck) might be scrapped because of recent incidents involving unruly fans in those sections, according to the Los Angeles Times. Most recently, two teenage boys jumped the fence and ran about the field until security personnel corralled them. The game was delayed further when fans littered the field with debris as the boys were escorted off the field. The boys were charged with trespassing and released to the custody of their parents. Ten others were ejected for throwing debris. No one was removed for fighting, reports the Times. One unnamed security guard told the Times that the $2 customers caused more problems that the regular $6 customers. The Dodgers said they are considering adding uniformed police officers to augment the stadium security force, and they are reviewing the Tuesday night discount promotion. Leonard Zaichkowsky, a Boston University professor who studies fan behavior, says that good behavior must be taught. “Common sense should drive what that is, but there are a lot of idiotic folks out there who have no clue what being a good fan is,” he said. “We have never educated people to be good fans in our society.”