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by Paul Kerstein

Boston Data Firm Loses Data Tapes, Again

Jul 07, 20051 min
CSO and CISOData and Information Security

Boston’s IronMountain Inc., the world’s largest data-archiving company, has misplacedyet another group of data backup tapes, this time belonging to City NationalBank of Los Angeles.The Boston Globe reports that the loss happened in late April during a routine delivery,less than a month after they lost tapes containing personal information for600,000 employees of Time Warner Inc. Iron Mountainbegan notifying bank customers roughly two months after the tapes had been lostbecause they did not want to impede any investigations. The article also statedthat Iron Mountain has had several digital records losses this year and thatwith the sheer amount of pickups and deliveries they make, “a small number arebound to go astray,” according to senior vice president Ken Rubin. He also saidthat only 7 percent of companies they do business with consistently encrypttheir data for protection. Read more.