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by Paul Kerstein

Americans Feel Transit Attack Is Inevitable

Jul 15, 20051 min
CSO and CISOData and Information Security

Most Americans think a terrorist attack on a train, bus or subway inthe United States is inevitable, according to an Associated Pressarticle in The Washington Post. A recent AP-Ipsos poll also shows that57 percent of Americans think a terrorist attack on a bus, train orsubway will occur at some point, and just over a third fell that anysuch attack can be prevented. Surprisingly, more Americans in ruralareas felt that an attack was certain than those living in cities andsuburbs, where the majority of attacks are focused. The poll alsocovered President Bush’s public approval rating on his handling ofterrorism and foreign policy which improved slightly after the Londonbombings, but his overall job approval rating remains a dismal 42percent. Read more.