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by Jon Surmacz

Mass. AG Sues Spammers

May 12, 20051 min
CSO and CISOData and Information Security

Microsoft Helps Trace E-Mails… The Massachusetts attorney general announced Wednesday that the state had filed a civil complaint against a spam ring that has allegedly generated millions of monthly spam e-mails. Attorney General Thomas Riley accuses Leo Kuvayev and six other people associated with 2K Services Ltd. and Ecash Pay Ltd. with sending e-mail messages for illegal and dangerous products as well as pornography. Suffolk County Superior Court Judge Ralph D. Gants granted Reilly’s request for a restraining order against the alleged spammers. Microsoft Corp. helped the investigation by capturing thousands of spam messages and tracing them, the Associated Press reported.

Reilly is seeking restitution for those who lost money because of these activities, in addition to fines and court costs. “Anyone who has a computer and uses the Internet has to deal with these spam e-mails. At the very least they are a nuisance, a tremendous inconvenience and very disruptive to our economy,” Reilly said. “But in this case the e-mails went well beyond a nuisance. There are also very serious public safety implications.”