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14 Dead in Texas Refinery Blast; An American Security Firm Struggles in Iraq; I-Tunes Hacked Again

Mar 24, 20052 mins
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14 Dead in Texas Refinery Blast

Fourteen people were killed and more than 100 were injured when a chemical unit at a BP Oil refinery in Texas exploded. The New York Times reports that the same refinery, BP’s largest in the nation with 1,800 employees, was rocked by a series of blasts a year ago. Neil Chapman, a BP spokesman, told the Times that the plant had been shut down for its annual major maintenance, a process called “turnaround,” and it was gradually being brought back on stream when the explosion occurred.New York Times.

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An American Security Firm Struggles in IraqLos Angeles Times reports on the efforts of one U.S. security company to take its services to the war zone of Iraq. According to the story, the struggle to provide security and overcome bureaucracy helps explain why reconstruction costs so much and takes so long.Los Angeles Times


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I-Tunes Hacked AgainPC World reports that Apple Computer and the authors of an application that allow users to buy music from the ITunes Music Store without using ITunes itself appear to be involved in an escalating war of wits. On Tuesday, only a day after Apple announced a change to the ITunes Music Store that prevented users from using a third-party program called PyMusique to buy songs, one of the program’s authors has made changes that restores the software’s ability to

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