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New Report Says Corporate Boards Should Ensure Cybersecurity; TSA Hopes to Speed Frequent Flier Travel; New Intel Chips Include Security and Copy Protection

Apr 12, 20042 mins
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New Report Says Corporate Boards Should Ensure Cybersecurity

The Washington Post reports that an industry task force working with the federal government has recommended that chief executives of U.S. corporations and their boards of directors assume direct responsibility for securing their computer networks from worms, viruses and other attacks. According to the Post, a report by the group rejects government mandates, but it recommends that auditing firms examine cybersecurity readiness when certifying that companies have adequate internal and financial controls.TSA Hopes to Speed Frequent Flier Travel reports that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) this week announce that it is seeking proposals from IT vendors for a registered traveler pilot program to help speed and improve the efficiency of security checks for frequent fliers. According to the report, the TSA plans to use biometric systems, such as fingerprint and iris scanners, as the foundation for registering travelers and conducting expedited security assessments.


New Intel Chips Include Security and Copy Protection reports that the next generation of Intel Corp. microprocessors for cell phones and handheld computers will, for the first time, include hard-wired security features that can enforce copy protection and help prevent hackers from wreaking havoc on wireless networks. According to the story, critics complain that such technologies will be used by content owners to lock down software, music, movies and any other media with draconian digital rights management schemes.

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