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Greece Deploys Olympic Security Force; Zafi-B Tops June Virus List; Delta To Invest in RFID For Luggage

Jul 01, 20042 mins
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Greece Deploys Olympic Security Force

Thousands of security officers are being deployed in Athens and other Greek cities Thursday, marking the beginning of a full-scale operation to protect the Olympic games. According to a report by BBC News, sports venues and other buildings will be gradually closed and swept for explosives. Nearly 40,000 policemen and coastguards plus thousands of troops will comprise the security force.

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Zafi-B Tops June Virus List

Sasser and NetSky step aside and make room for Zafi-B, the new No. 1 virus according to the latest top-10 by anti-virus firm Sophos. According to a story in The Register, Zafi-B appears as a text message in multiple languages, which may have been a factor in its success. According to the story, most computer users are accustomed to receiving worms that use English only. Sophos says more than 7 percent of all e-mails sent in June contained a virus.

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Delta To Invest in RFID For Luggage

Delta Airlines said Wednesday that it plans to spend $25 million over the next two years to install a new luggage tracking system that uses radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. Delta believes that the investment will easily pay for itself in reduced luggage handling costs. According to a story in The New York Times Delta spends $100 million annually to track misdirected luggage. The efficacy of using RFID on luggage is largely uproven, but in tests at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas an RFID system routed luggage accurately 99.7 percent of the time. Under the old bar-code system, luggage was routed correctly 89 percent of the time.

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