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Al Qaeda Detainee Believed to Have Written Reports that Led to Alert; 8-Foot-Fence Could Divide Independence Square

Aug 06, 20042 mins
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Al Qaeda Detainee Believed to Have Written Reports that Led to Alert

British authorities have arrested a man believed to have written some of the surveillance reports on U.S. financial institutions that led the government to raise the terrorist alert threat earlier this week, counter-terrorism officials disclosed Thursday. According to a story in the Los Angeles Times, officials have not said how they learned that the suspect, known by the names Abu Eisa al Hindi and Abu Musa al Hindi, may have created the reports. Al Hindi was captured during a series of raids by British authorities. Thursday raids continued with the capture in Saudi Arabia of an Al Qaeda propagandist.

For more, read today’s Los Angeles Times.

8-Foot-Fence Could Divide Independence Square

A security plan announced Friday could include an 8-foot-high fence that would divide the open space of Independence Square, site where the Declaration of Independence was first read. According to an Associated Press report, the plan would also add a security building in a corner of the square. The proposed fence is meant to protect Independence Hall, which the Interior Dept. has designated a key asset, according to the report. The tab for the security plan is $7.5 million.

For more details, read this Associated Press story on