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Plane Carrying Kentucky Governor Almost Shot Down; Stolen Explosives Recovered; Return of the Bagle Worm

Jul 08, 20042 mins
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Plane Carrying Kentucky Governor Almost Shot DownToday’s Washington Post reports that the top general at the North American Aerospace Defense Command came close to giving an order for an F-16 fighter to shoot down an unidentified plane that turned out to be carrying the governor of Kentucky to former president Ronald Reagan’s funeral last month. According to the report, the close call caused officials to reassess safeguards for the airspace around Washington and prompted calls to expand the no-fly zone beyond its current 16-mile radius.

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Stolen Explosives RecoveredThe Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that 200 pounds of explosives and bomb-making hardware stolen from a storage locker used by two public safety agencies have been recovered from a stolen van. According to the report, the items were stolen sometime over the July 4 weekend from storage magazines in a depot used by the San Francisco Police Department and the San Mateo County Sheriff’s office.

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Return of the Bagle WormComputerworld reports that antivirus software companies are warning customers that new editions of the Bagle family of e-mail worms are spreading on the Internet and depositing copies of the worm’s source code on computers they infect. According to the report, the new Bagle versions are almost identical to each other and very similar to earlier variants, which spread through shared file folders and in e-mail messages carrying the worm as an attachment.

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