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Democrats Call for E-Voting Security; More Than 25 Percent of U.S. Adults Can’t Recognize a Phishing E-mail; U.S. Agent Criticizes 9/11 Report, Intelligence Community

Jul 29, 20042 mins
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Democrats Call for E-Voting Security

Several Democrats, including former Vermont governor and Democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean, gathered to call attention to the need for electronic voting machines to be accurate, secure and auditable. Dean said, “If people don’t think votes count, the first thing they’ll do is stop voting. And when people stop voting, elected officials stop caring about them.”

According to a Computerworld report, Dean and the others called on the federal government to institute security standards for voting machines. They also argued that all voting machines should be audited in order to verify the accuracy of vote tallies.

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More Than 25 Percent of U.S. Adults Can’t Recognize a Phishing E-mail

More than one in four U.S. consumers can’t tell the difference between a legitimate e-mail an a phishing scam, according to a recent report. The Register reports that according to the survey, sponsored by anti-spam vendor MailFrontier, even older, simpler phishing scams like the highly publicized PayPal e-mail of 2003 was misidentified as legitimate by 31 percent of respondents.

Read The Register for more details.

U.S. Agent Criticizes 9/11 Report, Intelligence Community

A current U.S. intelligence official told BBC News that although the 9/11 commission’s report was exhaustive and did a good job of outlining the attacks, it didn’t go far enough. According to the unnamed official, the report should have assigned blame for the intelligence failures that led to the 9/11 attacks. The official blamed senior intelligence officials for not passing anti-terror intelligence to politicians. The official was also critical of the reorganization of the intelligence services after 9/11, saying that in some cases they had weakened counter-terrorism efforts, not streghthened themm.

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