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New Worm Spreads By Replying to All Mail; Buying Pirated CDs in Greece Could Get You Arrested; Boston Plans Traffic and Parking Restrictions for Convention

May 20, 20043 mins
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New Worm Spreads By Replying to All Mail

A worm making the rounds on the Internet not only mass-mails itself to addresses it hijacks on infected machines, but spreads by replying to unread E-mail messages in the user’s in-box, security experts said Wednesday. According to a story in Information Week, the Lovegate worm, which was first discovered last week and reappeared in repackaged, copycat form Tuesday, uses an auto-responding technique as well as the traditional address book theft to propagate. Lovegate also uses multiple attack vectors, able to spread not only through E-mail, but also through network shares. The worm also uses other standard malware tactics, including disabling anti-virus software it finds on the targeted system and hiding within Zip archive files. Buying Pirated CDs in Greece Could Get You ArrestedBBC News Online reports that millions of vacationers going to Greece this summer have been warned they could be jailed for buying pirated CDs after a buyer was imprisoned. arrested as he bought two CDs from a vendor in Athens last week, said the International Federation of the Phonographic Industries (IFPI), and he was jailed for three months. Greece has the worst piracy rate in western Europe. About 1,000 vendors have been prosecuted during the past few years, but this is the first time a buyer has been jailed. The Greek authorities appear to be acting to stave off the threat of an increase in piracy anticipated during this summer’s Olympics in Athens.


Boston Plans Traffic and Parking Restrictions for ConventionGlobe says. Officials earlier announced the late-afternoon-through-evening closure of Interstate 93, the commuter rail adjacent to the FleetCenter, and the area subway stop, to thwart a possible terrorist attack.

Commuters in Boston, Mass., will face intensified hassles and restrictions as the Democratic National Convention comes to town the last week of July. According to The Boston Globe, the motoring public will have no access to surface parking lots anywhere near the FleetCenter during the Convention, and parking garages in the area will be sharply restricted, according to draft plans set to be discussed at a special briefing for business leaders this morning. In addition, all deliveries to businesses and offices in the area will have to be made before 2 p.m. every day during convention week. Delivery truck drivers will have to park outside a restricted area and wheel or carry in all supplies. These restrictions are all being mulled because of security concerns, the