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Justice Department Defends Terror Warning; Plane Forced Down By Bomb Threat; ACLU Director Talks About Matrix; First 64-Bit Virus Found

May 28, 20042 mins
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Justice Department Defends Terror Warning

The Boston Globe reports that the FBI and Justice Department officials defended their decision to warn the public about the potential for a devastating terrorist attack on America this summer, saying it was justified by intelligence and essential to avoid missteps that occurred before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. According to the report, the defense followed criticism from lawmakers and some Bush administration officials with access to the same intelligence.Plane Forced Down By Bomb ThreatThe Boston Herald reports that a Boston-bound American Airlines flight made an emergency landing in Nashville, Tenn., after a note warning of a bomb was found aboard yesterday. According to the Herald, no bomb had been found as of late last night, but crews continued to check the plane and its contents.ACLU Director Talks About MatrixThe Washington Post publishes an interview with ACLU Director Barry Steinhardt talking about the government’s Matrix database system. Steinhardt worries that the program could “cast suspicion on innocent Americans who will be subject to investigation or worse.”First 64-Bit Virus FoundInfoworld reports that Symantec Corp. has captured an example of what is believed to be the first virus that targets 64-bit Microsoft Corp. Windows operating systems. According to the report, the virus is rated low threat and does not appear to be spreading on the Internet.