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Shady Welsh Tenors: The Paranoia Index

Mar 01, 20042 mins

Number of High Orange alerts issued since the five-color scale debuted in March 2002 5

Orange alerts that coincided with a holiday season or historically significant date 4

Orange alerts that coincided with the start of a war 1

Total monitored population in the United States in 1994 21.6 million

Total monitored population in 2003 29.9 million

On a 0-to-5 scale (5 being highest), demand for CCTV from power utilities 2.7

Demand from military 2.8

Demand from law enforcement 2.9

Demand from schools 3.4

Number of vehicles that use E-ZPass radio tags for electronic toll payment in the Northeast 5.1 million

Subpoenas issued since 1998 to New York State Thruway Authority for E-ZPass electronic toll data 128

Number of cases in which it turned over records 61

Total number of authorized wire, oral and electronic intercepts (wiretaps) completed in 2002 1,358

Change in federal requests from 2001 +2%

Change in federal requests between 2000 and 2001 +41%

Ratio of drug-case-related wiretaps to wiretaps for all other offenses 3.44 to 1

Number of arrests resulting from wiretaps that terminated in 2002 3,060

Number of those arrests that turned into convictions 490

Number of security-related groups involved in the wedding of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones 5

Number of guests, all of whom signed confidentiality agreements 350

Percentage of invitations that were hand-delivered to prevent counterfeiting 100%

Additional counter-counterfeiting device used on invitations Secret ink

Nationality of male choir that was frisked before the ceremony Welsh

Damages awarded to the happy couple when tabloid Hello! published hidden camera photos of the wedding $24,220

Cost of a top-of-the-line, color wireless hidden camera disguised in a silk plant $499

Cost of a device to detect a hidden camera $319.55

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