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Baltimore Tunnel Closed When Old Bombs Found; Bush Wants $25 Billion For War; Worker Survives Six Nails in Head; Microsoft to Retool Security Plan

May 06, 20042 mins
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Baltimore Tunnel Closed When Old Bombs Found

The Washington Post reports that the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel reopened early Thursday, nearly seven hours after it was closed as a precaution when old bombs were found at a construction site once used to tear apart decommissioned Navy ships. According to the report, authorities planned to open an investigation into whether the bombs were linked to the nations first criminal case involving environmental violations by the ship-scrapping industry, which involved a company that worked at the same site. Bush Wants $25 Billion For WarThe Boston Globe reports that the Bush administration told Congress yesterday it would seek an additional $25 billion to finance military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, breaking its pledge to resist such a move before the November presidential election. According to the report, the request could have political consequences for President Bush, who is already under fire for underestimating the costs of war; the White House’s record $423 billion defense budget request for 2005 conspicuously omitted provisions for Iraq while inserting $12 billion in unfunded mandates, including $2 billion to pay for such measures as reinforcing Army Humvees with additional armor.Worker Survives Six Nails in HeadIndependent Newspapers reports that a construction worker had six nails driven into his head in an accident with a high-powered nail gun, but doctors said on Wednesday they expect him to make a full recovery. According to the report, three nails penetrated Mejia’s brain, and one entered his spine below the base of his skull.Microsoft to Retool Security PlanPC World reports that Microsoft is revisiting its Next-Generation Secure Computing Base (NGSCB) security plan because enterprise users and software makers don’t want to be forced to rewrite their code to take advantage of the technology. According to the report, in response to feedback from users and software makers, Microsoft is retooling NGSCB so at least part of the security benefits will be available without the need to recode applications.