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Explosives Found on Italian Airliner; FBI Actions Said to Intimidate Whistleblowers; Monkeypox Reveals Bioterror Shortcomings

Jun 13, 20032 mins
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Explosives Found on Italian Airliner

Italian police discovered and safely removed explosives aboard an Alitalia passenger plane at an airport in eastern Italy after receiving an anonymous tip-off, according to a Reuters report published in the New York Times. The Times reports that Italy has been on high alert for terror attacks since the September 11, 2001 strikes on the United States and authorities have arrested several Islamic militants accused of planning hits against high-profile targets around the country.FBI Actions Said to Intimidate WhistleblowersBoston Globe reports that three senior senators are raising questions about the FBI’s decision to conduct a fourth internal investigation of an agent who aired concerns about the bureau’s counterterrorism investigations. The Globe reports that the senators worry that the FBI’s actions will have a chilling effect on other FBI employees who want to fix problems.


Monkeypox Reveals Bioterror ShortcomingsUnited Press International. The UPI story claims that quicker notification of the country’s medical community might have been particularly prudent because monkeypox has spread, now infecting as many as 54 people in several additional states, including Texas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.

The recent outbreak of monkeypox in the United States and the delay in alerting healthcare personnel to its spread highlights the need for a national communications system to alert physicians and public health officials rapidly about bioterrorist attacks or emerging diseases such as SARS and West Nile virus, according to a story by a medical correspondent for the