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by CSO Staff

A Very Concise Security Technology Time Line

Dec 01, 20032 mins
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From wooden locks to Blaster and Sobig

2000 B.CWooden mechanical locks used in Egypt.
333 B.C.Alexander the Great cuts the Gordian Knot with his sword and goes on to conquer much of the known world.
870First all-metal locks appear in England.
1790Joseph Bramah challenges anyone to defeat his “unpickable” Bramah lock. (Bramah is better known today for inventing the flush toilet.)
1851Alfred Hobbs picks Bramah’s lock in 44 hours. Panic spreads among bankers and merchants dependent on Bramah’s and similar locks.
1856George Price publishes his Treatise on Fire- and Thief-Proof Depositories and Locks and Keys, which becomes known as The Burglars’ Bible among bankers.
1904Houdini extracts himself from one-of-a-kind handcuffs built over the course of five years and designed to be “escape-proof”
1940sTheory of self-replicating code is brought to public light by John von Neumann.
1978Digital uses ARPAnet to send what may be the first spam message.
1981Apple II systems fall victim to the first computer virus known as Elk Cloner.
1983WarGames, starring Matthew Broderick, becomes a hit. Computer hacking goes mainstream for the first time with noncomputer audiences.
1986First PC virus, called Brain, begins replicating itself on floppy disks.
1988Morris worm causes $98M in damage to computer systems worldwide.
1990Robert Morris, worm author, sentenced to three years’ probation.
2000Russian hacker steals thousands of credit card numbers from CD Universe’s website.
2001Code Red worm infects more than 350,000 computers in 24 hours.
2002-presentKlez, Sobig, Blaster and no end in sight.