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Cisco Networks Will Deny Access to Insecure Machines; Ebola Vaccine is Tested; Bulletproof Vests To Be Retested

Nov 19, 20032 mins
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Cisco Networks Will Deny Access to Insecure MachinesCisco has announced licensing agreements with three leading antivirus software companies and a new program that will enable Cisco routers to evaluate information such as whether a particular computer’s antivirus definitions are up to date and whether its operating system is adequately patched before allowing it to connect to a network, according to a story in ComputerWorld. The story reports that noncompliant devices would be denied access, quarantined or allowed only limited access to network computing resources.

Ebola Vaccine is Tested

The New York Times reports that the first test in humans of an experimental vaccine against the deadly Ebola virus began yesterday. According to the Times, the vaccine, administered by injection, was designed to try to prevent outbreaks of the lethal hemorrhagic fever where it occurs naturally in Africa.Bulletproof Vests To Be RetestedTwo months after a Michigan company conceded its bulletproof vests ”wear out sooner than expected,” the nation’s top law enforcement agency said Tuesday it would investigate the vests’ reliability, according to a story in the Miami Herald. The story reports that the Justice Department inquiry centers on vests made with a fiber known as Zylon, produced by Japanese company Toyobo.