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Mystery May Forever Shroud 911 Attacks; New York Times Hacker Gives Up; Court Says 911 Victims Can Sue Airlines

Sep 10, 20032 mins
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Mystery May Forever Shroud 911 AttacksWashington Post. The Post reports that the uncertainties persist despite the largest FBI investigation in U.S. history

which has included 180,000 interviews and 7,000 agents and raise the possibility that Americans will never know precisely how the conspirators were able to pull off the most devastating terrorist attacks in U.S. history.

Two years after al Qaeda terrorists slammed jetliners into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, FBI and congressional investigators remain deeply divided over whether the 19 hijackers received help from other al Qaeda operatives inside the United States and still are unable to answer some of the central questions in the case, according to a story in today’s

New York Times Hacker Gives Up reports that celebrated computer hacker Adrian Lamo, who broke into the network of the New York Times in February of 2002, has surrendered to U.S. marshals at the federal courthouse in Sacramento, California, according to the FBI. The story reports that Lamo would frequently trespass on the networks of prominent companies, uncovering security holes and accessing sensitive information, and he would later inform the companies of his exploits and often work with them, as a consultant, to close the holes.

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Court Says 911 Victims Can Sue AirlinesNew York Times. The story reports that the court ruled that the defendants, who include the airlines and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the owner of the World Trade Center, had a duty to protect the lives of people on the ground, as well as on the hijacked aircraft.

A New York federal judge handling the litigation over the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks opened the courtroom door yesterday for the families of the thousands of people killed or injured in the attacks, according to a story in the