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Internet Fraud Triples; FBI Agent Had Affair With Chinese Double Agent; Microsoft VM Has Vulnerability

Apr 10, 20031 min
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Internet Fraud TriplesWashington Post. The Post reports that the most common complaint was auction fraud, followed by non-delivery of merchandise, credit card fraud, and phony investments.

The FBI reports that it received 48,000 complaints of Internet fraud in 2002, triple the number received in 2001, according to an article in the

FBI Agent Had Affair With Chinese Double AgentBoston Globe. The story reports that 59-year-old James J. Smith recruited Katrina Leung, a Republican activist in California who worked covertly for the Chinese government and who used her access to the FBI to acquire classified documents.

An FBI agent who was supposed to hunt for Chinese spies carried on a long affair with a woman believed to be a Chinese double agent, according to a story in the

Microsoft VM Has VulnerabilityPCWorld. The story reports that Microsoft’s Virtual Machine (VM) contains a critical vulnerability that could allow a remote attacker to gain control of affected machines.

Microsoft warned of two new security vulnerabilities affecting its Microsoft Virtual Machine, Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0, and Microsoft ISA Server 2000 products, according to a story in