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Smart Card Hackers Gagged by Court; Pilots Trained to Use Guns; New Tests For SARS; E-Government Get One-Ninth of Requested Budget

Apr 18, 20032 mins
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Smart Card Hackers Gagged by Court

A company that sells a “smart card” network used on more than 200 college campuses has blocked two students from publicly describing how to override the system to circumvent building security, obtain free soft drinks and avoid paying for laundry, according to a story in the Washington Post. The Post reports that Blackboard Inc., a Washington D.C.-based company, obtained a court order last weekend preventing Billy Hoffman, a computer science major at Georgia Tech, and Virgil Griffith, a student at the University of Alabama, from discussing vulnerabilities in the card system at a hacker convention in Atlanta. Pilots Trained to Use GunsBoston Globe. The Globe reports that some pilots could be armed in flight as early as Sunday.

Only two of the 48 commercial airline pilots in the first class being trained to carry guns in the cockpit failed to make it through the early days of a rigorous course at a federal facility, according to a story in today’s

New Tests For SARSMercury News. The Merc reports that one version of the tests created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention could be shipped to state labs as soon as the end of next week.

Tests for the SARS virus will soon help doctors sort out whether people with worrisome coughs and fevers actually have the new respiratory illness, relieving anxiety for many and helping judge who should be isolated to prevent more spread, according to an article in the

E-Government Get One-Ninth of Requested BudgetWashington Post. The Post reports that the White House requested $45 million to put its e-government strategy in action this year, but Congress cut that amount to $5 million.

An “e-government” program to make the federal government more citizen-friendly is $40 million short of its intended budget, according to a story in the