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FBI Agent and Spy Never Questioned; N.Y. Says Wal-Mart’s Toy Guns Illegal; More Companies Turn to Security Audits

Apr 11, 20031 min
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FBI Agent and Spy Never QuestionedA former F.B.I. agent arrested on Wednesday in an espionage case had not been given a polygraph test in his nearly 30 years with the bureau, according to an article in today’s New York Times. The Times reports that lax oversight of his relationship with an informer now accused of being a Chinese double-agent appears to have violated numerous policies.N.Y. Says Wal-Mart’s Toy Guns IllegalBBC. The story reports that Spitzer claims the guns don’t carry a number of distinctive markings required by state law, meaning they could be confused with real firearms putting people at risk of being shot by police officers.

New York’s attorney general Eliot Spitzer has demanded changes to the way Wal-Mart sells toy guns in its New York stores, according to a story by

More Companies Turn to Security Audits reports that increasingly, organizations are realizing that merely installing a firewall or intrusion-detection system will not secure their systems and critical data assets from external attack. The magazine suggests that enterprises consider information security programs such as a security event management solution, an outsourced vulnerability scanning service or a managed security services provider.