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Business Is Prepared for SARS; New York and Microsoft Take Spammers to Court; Police Disciplined for Slow Response; Bush Administration Edits Web Sites to Suit Agenda

Dec 18, 20032 mins
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Business Is Prepared for SARS

U.S. companies are much better prepared to deal with the consequences of SARS now than they were when the deadly virus first made its effects felt on business in the spring, disrupting production and depressing travel, according to a story reported by Reuters. The story reports that fears of another epidemic were sparked in Taiwan on Wednesday when officials there said a medical researcher had tested positive for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, the first case in Greater China since the highly infectious virus faded away in June. New York and Microsoft Take Spammers to CourtNew York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer and Microsoft plan to file civil suits today charging one of the nation’s most prominent e-mail marketers with fraud stemming from sending unsolicited commercial e-mail, commonly known as spam, according to a story in the New York Times. The Times reports that the lawsuits, which would be by far the most prominent in a recent flurry of legal efforts to attack spammers, are expected to shed light on the complex web of relationships and technologies behind such e-mail.Bush Administration Edits Web Sites to Suit AgendaThe Washington Post reports that the Bush administration has been using cyberspace to make some of its own cosmetic touch-ups to history. The story reports that content on several government web sites, dealing with subjects such as condoms and cancer, have been edited to suit the political agenda of the White House.