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by CSO Staff

Wireless: Don’t Get Too Attached

Apr 01, 20031 min
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You’ll soon have more wireless security options. However, security concerns over wireless local area networks will dissuade many of you. According to analyst Michael Rasmussen at Giga, many large companies will wait for encryption and authentication standards before deploying wireless. “Wireless is growing at a strong rate, but it is being held back by security,” he says. “The growth rate would be two to three times [the rate shown below] if we had a solid security framework for it.”

IDC estimates a 71 percent increase in the compound annual growth rate for mobile and wireless software revenue for the software security market.

Wireless market growth by 2007

Source: “Mobile Security Software Worldwide Forecast and Analysis, 2002-2007,” a February 2003 report by IDC (a sister company to CSO’s publisher)