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Toronto Off-Limits In WHO Advisory; Surveillance As a Way of American Life; Security Experts Track the Elusive Hacker; Cyberwar Documentary to Air Tonight

Apr 24, 20032 mins
CSO and CISOData and Information Security

Toronto Off-Limits In WHO AdvisoryBoston Globe. The Globe reports that the advisory was especially stunning because it indicated that authorities regard the outbreak in Canada as posing as much of a danger to world health as the disease’s march through southeast China and other parts of Asia.

In a warning that could have devastating economic consequences for Canada’s largest city, the World Health Organization advised yesterday against all nonessential travel to Toronto, according to a story in the

Surveillance As a Way of American LifeTechnology Review. The writers report that in a single three-week period earlier this year, the Bush administration announced that it was building a system that pools real-time traffic data from Internet service providers and monitors threats to the global information network; inaugurated the Terrorist Threat Integration Center, a vast data bank that will combine domestic and foreign intelligence on U.S. citizens and foreign visitors; and opened up the State Departments database of 50 million visa applications to U.S. police departments.

In pursuit of security and service, we are submitting ourselves to a proliferation of monitoring technologies, according to an article by Charles Mann and Dan Farmer, published in

Security Experts Track the Elusive HackerNew York Times. The Times reports that security experts have warned for several years that cyberterrorism presents a great potential threat to the United States, with its increasing dependence on computer networks for everything from weapons systems to hydroelectric dams, not to mention the underpinnings of commerce.

The many faces, and many motives, of computer hackers make them hard to find and harder to understand, according to an article in today’s

Cyberwar Documentary to Air TonightCyberwar. The documentary examines a new form of warfare aimed directly at America’s infrastructure.

Tonight, the Public Broadcasting System presents a FRONTLINE feature called