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Bomb Blast in Indonesia; U.S. Clearance for Linux Security; Anarchist Website Lands Man in Jail; Crews Fight Canadian Fires

Aug 05, 20034 mins
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Bomb Blast in Indonesia

A massive explosion, believed to be a car bomb, yesterday ripped through a luxury hotel favored by foreigners in Jakarta, killing 14, injuring almost 150 and dealing a heavy blow to the war on terror, according to a story in Melbourne, Australias The Age. The attack comes just two days before a court is due to sentence accused Bali bomber Amrozi for the attacks that killed 202 people on October 12 last year. The blast, which police said was caused by a high explosive such at TNT, shattered windows more than 30 floors up at the exclusive, 333-room Marriott Hotel, the site of many diplomatic receptions held by the U.S. Embassy. Security is tight around the building and leaving a parked car is difficult so it is believed a suicide bomb was used. According to The New Zealand Herald, The J.W. Marriott Hotel is in the heart of Jakarta’s business center and close to the diplomatic area of Menteng, home to dozens of Western embassies and consuls, including the U.S. ambassador. The Herald puts the number of dead at 13. AP coverage of the story in todays New York Times reports that a U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the attack showed characteristics of past violence by the Jemaah Islamiyah. But no group had yet claimed responsibility.U.S. Clearance for Linux SecurityThe New York Times today. The government revamped its certification process over the last year to improve the security of computer systems as part of the effort to strengthen homeland security. But the new program called Common Criteria is posed a potential hurdle to the use of Linux in government data centers gaining certification costly and time-consuming. According to the Times, analysts expect Red Hat, the leading American distributor of Linux, to gain certification for its Linux version soon. Microsoft has already gained the government’s security certification under the Common Criteria for its Windows 2000 operating system.

In a step to help the Linux operating system gain popularity among government and corporate users, IBM and SuSE Linux (a German distributor) plan to announce today that they have security certification for Linux from the United States government, according to a story in

Anarchist Website Lands Man in today. Sherman Austin, 20, was arrested with other protesters at the World Economic Forum in New York in February 2002 on charges of disorderly conduct and unlawful assembly. He admitted posting links about bombs to enable people to build and use them during demonstrations against interstate and foreign trade. The story says he told FBI agents he wanted the website to teach people about police brutality.

A federal judge sentenced a man to a year in prison Monday for creating an anarchist Web site with links to sites on how to build bombs, according to an AP report on

Crews Fight Canadian FiresReuters, exhausted crews battling western Canada’s worst wildfire conditions in decades made progress yesterday against some of the largest blazes, allowing some of the estimated 8,500 evacuated people to return to their homes. The entire province of British Columbia, about the size of Germany and France combined, is under a state of emergency as dry conditions created what officials said was the most dangerous wildfire conditions in a half century. Officials stressed that the weather forecast of winds, lightning and no rain means the fight was far from over against the fires burning out of control about 170 miles northeast of Vancouver. No deaths have been reported from the fires, Reuters says, but several dozen homes have been destroyed or damaged. Officials estimate 5,000 people are now under evacuation orders with another 5,000 on high alert.

According to a report by